English national habits – DRESS SENSE

A city street in England. It's 11.15pm on a cold Friday night in winter. Two young women in tops showing their bare waists and shoulders (обнаженные талии и плечи), and mini skirts with no tights underneath are walking along arm in arm. “Hello, darling!" they shout, "where you from?" And they run off down the road screaming (визжа) with laughter. "Good heavens!" wonders the visitor, "aren't they cold?" This is an example of our famous British toughness (твердость). On the other hand, in summer the same visitor may observe Brits sitting on the beach wearing jackets and pullovers with long woollen socks under their sandals. The important thing to remember is that the British dress to please themselves and to show their independence of fashion, weather, social convention (условность) and colour theory. For many foreigners visiting Britain it's a welcome change to be able to dress without having to worry if their clothes are the wrong size, or don't match, or are torn (порваны), or inside out (навыворот), or show off their fat legs.

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