English national habits – PETS

The True Brit knows that her dog, cat, hamster (хомяк), or even her goldfish, is more likely to prove loyal, affectionate and easy to talk to than the majority of human beings.

In Britain the phrase "It's a dog's life" is an expression of envy (зависть). Go into any British supermarket and look at the huge selection of mouth-watering foods available for pets, not to mention the doggy chocs, cat treats, scratching posts, woollen coats, jewel-encrusted collars and all the medicines and toiletries with which to care for your pet.

The unusually privileged position of animals in the British household is exemplified by the following story:

A British woman is describing her family to a foreign visitor.
"There's me. And my husband. And our two cats."
"No children?" asks the stranger.
"We did have," comes the reply, "but we had to get rid of them because the cats were allergic to them."

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